NASC is the only geographically-based learning designed for local climate. All the coursework is created specifically for utilization within the specified country. Prior to the creation of NASC, most courses offered is not applicable and unsuited to our demographic and environments. NASC courses is designed to be 100% locale based. Taking into consideration, the various unique regional co factors that makes us uniquely Asians.

Courses Offered

  1. Basic Fitness Instructor - Basic training on Fitness Club industry and exercises mechanism.
  2. Basic Personal Trainer - Suitable for Fitness Club industry with focus on Personal Training.
  3. Intermediate Personal Trainer - IntermediatePersonal Training with focus on special populations.
  4. Master Personal Trainer - Advance personal training.
  5. Strength Trainer - Advance training methodology on forging strength for various sports.
  6. Freeletic Trainer - Bodyweight courses

Continuing Education Point

  1. CPR Courses
  2. Nutrition Programming
  3. Periodization and Macro Cycles
  4. Strength Training For Weekend Warriors
  5. Programming For Sports
  6. Public Speaking Courses
  7. Trifecta - Secret Training For Strength
  8. Basic Pilates For Health
  9. Art of Yoga
  10. Aerobics Classes Programs
  11. Hormonal Manipulations and Correction Methodology
  12. Fat Loss for the Masses.


We provide you with the latest advances and scientific research to improve and boost your performance and fitness

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